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Ashna nutrifoods are manufacturerers of innovative processed foods. We are continuously developing new, novel versions and formats of the existing products.

Presently we have developed and commercialized our egg based products under the brand EGGCHEF.

EGGCHEF brings you an innovative way to eat eggs. WE at Ashna Nutrifoods have created a first of its kind paneer like food product   made from egg ( Indian Cottage Cheese is called paneer) . So we have named it EGGPANEER. Ande Ka Paneer About Eggpaneer.


Egg Paneer

Eggpaneer is a cottage cheese like product made from egg. Cottage cheese is commonly known as paneer in India. Hence the name Eggpaneer has been coined to describe this unique and innovative product.Eggs are among the oldest food products. So far we have eaten eggs as boiled, scrambled or as an omelete. Eggchef has developed Eggpaneer, a truly first of its kind. Novel processed food made from only eggs.The Eggpaneer or Egg cottage cheese is a versatile form of egg that can be used across various culinary formats e.g. Indian, Chinese, Oriental,Italian etc. Eggchef”s Eggpaneer gives you the options and of creating totally new recipies which were not possible earlier. Imagine a Egg Tikka , Egg Kebab, Egg chilly ,  Egg pasta from a range of starters to main course dishes with mouth watering gravies of your choice.Eggpaneer is a coagulated cottage cheese like product made from egg.Eggchef has developed variants of the basic version of Eggpaneer to extend the usage of this innovative processed food.to new culinary possibilities.


Eggchef is a registered brand name of Ashna Nutrifoods.Eggchef is focused development of innovative egg based products to extend the culinary use of eggs.Eggchef plans to launch specialty   QSR outlets and home delivery formats.


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